DIY Live Flower Garland
how to make a live flower garland,Lauren DeVries,bows and twine,bows and twine blog,DIY,DIY flower garland,flowers,flower garlands

how to make a live flower garland,Lauren DeVries,bows and twine,bows and twine blog,DIY,DIY flower garland,flowers,flower garlands

how to make a live flower garland,Lauren DeVries,bows and twine,bows and twine blog,DIY,DIY flower garland,flowers,flower garlands

how to make a live flower garland,Lauren DeVries,bows and twine,bows and twine blog,DIY,DIY flower garland,flowers,flower garlands


Flowers, flowers, flowers, flowers. Who doesn’t love some live flower action in their homes? Plants and flowers are a must in my living spaces! They add a special kind of beauty and radiance. If the budget allowed, I would buy myself floral arrangements every week! But since the budget does NOT allow, for now I found a satisfying substitute—-this fab DIY flower garland. So easy, so cheap and so pleasing. Here is what I did…..

I bought some five dollar flowers from the grocery store and then picked the rest from my yard-wild flowers, blossoms, tulips, greenery, etc.

I bought these mini clothes pins at Walmart. I did a lot of searching for these clothes pins so save yourself the trouble and just go to Walmart. They are in the school and office supplies.

The easiest way to put together your garland is FIRST taping the string up where you want your garland to hang.

Then you can quickly and EASILY place your flowers and clothes pins on your string!

The blossoms die rather quickly so to keep my flower garland fresh and going for more than one day, I replaced my blossoms and other flowers when they started to look sad.

I made my garland for mothers day and it is still up enchanting my spaces. I am obsessed. This shall be a must at my one day in the future wedding!

Also if you have been wondering where I have been hiding? Work is consuming sixty hours of my time each week…….I hope this changes soon so I can keep my sanity!



bows and twine,bows and twine blog,Lauren DeVries,Fashion,Utah Fashion Blogger,OOTD,Spring Fashion 2014,Burton,Thrifted,DIY,outfit post,Utah

bows and twine,bows and twine blog,Lauren DeVries,Fashion,Utah Fashion Blogger,OOTD,Spring Fashion 2014,Burton,Thrifted,DIY,outfit post,Utah

bows and twine,bows and twine blog,Lauren DeVries,Fashion,Utah Fashion Blogger,OOTD,Spring Fashion 2014,Burton,Thrifted,DIY,outfit post,Utah

bows and twine,bows and twine blog,Lauren DeVries,Fashion,Utah Fashion Blogger,OOTD,Spring Fashion 2014,Burton,Thrifted,DIY,outfit post,Utah

bows and twine,bows and twine blog,Lauren DeVries,Fashion,Utah Fashion Blogger,OOTD,Spring Fashion 2014,Burton,Thrifted,DIY,outfit post,Utah

Dress: DIY Hat: Burton (Similar Here) Necklace: DIY Socks: REI Shoes: Thrifted

I love OVER SIZED! So this dress should not be too much of a surprise. But what is a surprise is that I actually made the dress! I wish I could give you some fancy DIY for it, but honestly I am no seamstress. I can sew, but my projects are fast and quick and rare. For this dress I bought about a yard and a half of jersey fabric, used one of my midi dresses as rough pattern and then sewed it up on the sides and shoulders. It was so easy, it literally took me half an hour tops. And I am so pleased.

Then those socks and sandals. I love it. Let’s be honest anything weird, strange, or outrageous I love. What weird trends do you love?

DIY Deer Pillow

>>This was SO EASY to do. I am all about 5-10 minute projects. I bought this pillow cover from Hobby Lobby for $3 to make use of an old pillow.

>>I got home and typed “deer head print out” into google. I found a silhouette I liked and sized it on a word document and printed it out.


>>I then cut the deer out-making it a stencil.


>>I centered the deer on my pillow and taped some of the sides. I then used a permanent marker and starting filling in my deer.


>>I perfected some areas after taking my home made stencil off.


>>This project was so easy and perfect for a Christmas pillow.


>>I am helping my mom spruce up this bedroom. (used to be my bedroom). My newest decorating obsessions are geometric shapes and rocks! My mom thinks I am crazy for putting this tray on the bed and for decorating with rocks, but there is not much furniture in the room and I loved this too much to not let it get used, so it resides on the bed. No one sleeps in the bed anyways. And if they do just warn them that the rock is heavy. (and from my dad’s rock collection and may be valuable)



DIY How to Make Paper Flowers



Some days I am just itching for a new project to do. Today was one of those days.  So here is what I did.


As you can see these circles are no where near perfect, so don’t worry to much about the drawing and cutting out. Also it shows only four cut outs here, but I did six flowers.

STEP 2: Cut out your circle flowers.


Start rolling your paper flower from the inside .


Arrange your sticks and roses in a vase. This part takes a little bit of fidgeting.



I bought this little table/night stand thing from T.J. Max for $20. What I did not realize at the time of purchase was that it is awkwardly small and finding something to accent the table was going to be near impossible (dramatic I know).

The petite gold frame I got from the D.I. for 25 cents. Haven’t found what to honor the frame’s presence with yet, but I will surely post it once it makes itself known.

The lamp I got at the D.I. also and then painted.

Obviously there is my lovely DIY project in the back which cost me nothing: vase already had, sticks already had or used some from my backyard (not kidding, I have done that more than once) and the paper already had.

Then lets talk about the white elephant in the room-THAT AWESOME FUR. I am a little obsessed with textures and fur happens to be one of my favorites when decorating. I got this fur from my brother. He got it at scout camp  for three dollars and just gave it to me. So if you have kids, send them with some money to scout camp to buy you some fur or ask your husband, nephews, boyfriends, guy friends whatever. You would be surprised with the gems guys hoard around.


Yes I am a little proud.


So I know it has been a while! It is finals week and I have been pounded. However I did take some Lauren time to be creative. I found this clutch at the D.I. and I bought it for a dollar. There was nothing really wrong with it before but I decided it need a new look. Here is what I did.

1. Rubbed rubbing alcohol all over the clutch. This helps with the paint.

2.  Purchased two different colors of fabric paint. I would not use acrylic paint it cracks and does not paint as well.

3. Start painting. Remember to paint the inside one of the colors unless you are okay with opening up your clutch and getting a flash of red.

4. I did probably two or three coats. Then after those coats were dry I had some gloss finish spray paint leftover from another project of mine, so I just lightly sprayed that on my clutch.

5. After that I glued on my studs from Hobby Lobby with gorilla glue. Then you have a wonderful refashioned clutch!


I have been itching for some new projects. Well they found me and know I have a million DIY projects to post for you to see!


Studs (I bought these studs from Hobby Lobby and I have been studding everything. Just wait you will see.)

Rubbing Alcohol

Gorilla Glue

Black Fabric Paint

Black Spray Paint

Painters Touch Gloss Spray Paint

Old pair of shoes

1. Find an old pair of shoes or go to a thrift shop such as DI and buy a pair of shoes. 2. Take your rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball and rub the entire shoe. (I don’t know why I do this step really, I just always do it when I refashion fake leather clutches so I figured the same applied.) 3. Paint with fabric paint.(do not use matte Fabric Paint it will look awful). 4. Do a light coat with black spray paint. 5. Then follow with Painters Touch Gloss Spray Paint to make glossy and protect paint. 6. Use your gorilla glue and glue the studs on!! WOO WOO you have new shoes.



I made this cute heart garland for Valentine’s Day! I know I know I am just getting around to posting it, but I did have legit reasons for the lateness. Guess how these were made? Toilet paper rolls! 1) I cut the bare toilet paper rolls into about thirds or fourths. 2) Forming them into hearts was surprisingly easy. You just bend the middle down. 3) Paint the hearts red. 4) Poke a hole on each side and string some twine (my favorite) or string through. FYI wrapping paper rolls did not work as well.





Shirt: J.Crew Watch: Cold Water Creek Socks: Gifted Shoes: F21 Skirt: Homemade

I decided to do some sewing this weekend. This was one of those projects that makes you want to yell, scream, and throw your sewing machine out the window and then never sew again.

As I was rummaging threw old projects I had started and never finished, I found this skirt that was mostly completed, which is why I do not have a tutorial for you. I decided to finish and I thought the project would only take about an hour or two of my time, but this was not the case! It took half of my Saturday. I proceeded to put the invisible zipper on the skirt and it would not work! It made an s curve right on my rear. It was so frustrating; so I unpicked the zipper and did not even use a zipper. I just put some hooks at the top and I slip it on over my body, which usually does not work because of my curves. I lucked out this time. 

Here is the background on this skirt: Two years ago my mother was throwing this long skirt away and I save it because of the beautiful velvet color and made my own skirt out of it and I am so pleased with it!



I could make collages all day! This collage has to do with all my New Year Resolutions. I think I am clever!


This is a super easy project. I got some scrapbook paper that looks like music sheets cut it into that pattern. Printed letters off the computer and used it as a tracer for my PEACE and filled in with a permanent marker.


This bookshelf needed some spicing up on. So I collected a few items around the house.I used some old apple cider bottles. Some holly berries on a stick from Hobby Lobby for a dollar. Found a little candle holder. And again I collected some frames from my old frame collection. I printed out titles of Christmas songs and put it in one of the frames. And then……




I made these glitter ornaments to hang from the light fixture in the kitchen. They turned out great!

You will need: Styrofoam balls, glitter, ribbon to hang ornaments ( I used a bright green sparkly ribbon), paper clips, and glue.

I covered the balls in glue and then rolled in glitter. When they dried I opened up the paper clip except for one end so that I could loop the ribbon through and poked the paperclip into the ball.



1. I found this frame in my old frame collection.

2. I painted it red and sanded the edges to give it an antique look.

3. I then bought some Christmas scrapbook paper to put inside.

4. I found three different sizes of mason jars and wrapped some ribbon and brown string around the jars.

5. I then put a white candle inside and set it on my coffee table.



As I started my Christmas decorating I decide the china cabinet was looking a little barren. I decided I wanted some big letters to put up there preferably Noel. I searched out at my favorite store Hobby Lobby for some nice letters. They did not have what I was looking for. The letters where either too small or to thin. So I decided I would make my own.


1. I found this great slap of pine in the garage. I started measuring how big I wanted my letters and drew them on the wood.


2. I decide my best bet for cutting out letters was the jig saw. I rested the big piece of pine wood on the work bench and small step ladder and went to work with the jig saw. You may want a man’s assistance on this part. The O was the trickiest letter.


3.Here are my letters after I cut them out with the saw. You will have to do some sanding to smooth edges and imperfections.


4. I had to make a stand for the letters. I just used scrap wood; nothing beautiful.


5. I added garland to hide the stand and so that the Noel would not be so bland.


Here is the finished project. I added some lights to light up the Noel. I think I might try painting the letters next year, but I did like the wood look.


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