Dress: Anthropologie  Boots: Urban Outfitters  Belt: Anthropologie  Sunnies: Anthropologie

So I have been out of the country the past two months backpacking in Europe. It was amazing! So beautiful and relaxing. I visited Scotland, Ireland, England and a big fat JUST KIDDING…haha that would be awesome though. I wish I had a cool excuse. Today when I looked at my blog, I laughed out loud because I had no idea it had been two months since my last post. Haha even now I am chuckling. I find it comical.  In all fairness life has changed a lot and so I have been adjusting. Also I think my mind needed a break from the Internets. Blogging can make my mind tired. Sometimes as bloggers we get so caught up in the internet world. We do a lot of comparing and can forget that real self esteem comes from inside yourself, not from comments, followers, likes, insta fame,  advertisements, products, etc. And sometimes we don’t enjoy life for life because we are more focused on getting the BEST DARN photo wherever we go. Cool moments are instantly ruined.  Our lives become one big photo shoot.

Blogger husbands have it the worst. They suffer from husband to a blogger syndrome. It is very serious if not treated immediately. Best cure is to delete your instagram, unplug the internet, and give him every ounce of attention you can. May take months.

Well there you have it. Lesson learned blogging is poor for health. Dramatic? No. Silly? Maybe. Truth? Absolutely!

But hey I am back. Back for good? Who really knows? Life is good right now. I am loving it. I finally have all the change under control. My job with the police department is awesomely intense. People are really confused as to what I am? Truth is I am just a social worker at a police department. For some reason that is hard to grasp. Probably doesn’t help that everyone thinks I am 18. I am changing. I am a different Lauren. Still a good Lauren, just different.  I care more about enjoying life and people in my life than fashion. I know WOW. But honestly it’s better that way. It has been nagging at me for a while. I am still going post pictures of me in outfits and shop and love Anthropologie until I die. So stayed tuned. 2015 is coming up and with some awesome new trends that I am excited for.


6 thoughts on “///WHAT TWO MONTHS?

  1. You are so right that it is easy to get a little too caught-up in the blogging world! Good for you for taking a couple of months off! I just recently started my own blog, and I have already found myself focused on “likes” and how many followers I have!!

    By the way, I love your floral print dress… It looks so fresh and easy!

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