///Lazy Days in Summer


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Shirt: Anthropologie  Necklace: Anthropologie  Pants: F21(similar)  Shoes: thrifted

Love me some briks in the summer time. I was so excited when I thrifted these back in December. They have served me well. Also check out Anthro’s great sale right now!!

There is nothing I love more than being in the mountains especially in the summer time! These pictures are near HUGE rock fields up Little Cottonwood Canyon. If you have ever been skiing or boarding up Alta or Snowbird you can’t miss the rock fields on the right side of the road. We (me and my hiking partner) love hiking for hours and hours on these huge rocks. Little Cottonwood Canyon was formed by a glacier. This is why when you ride down the canyon, the canyon opening resembles a V. Well those rock fields are a result of the glacier coming through. Moraine is the proper use of terms. The glacier formed a moraine which is debris or rock pushed by glaciers. Yes probably more than you wanted to know and yes I may be a geology nerd and may or may not have wanted to major in environmental studies.  I soon found out there is no money to be made in being a rock woman.

Anyways moving on, WE found an awesome spot up on the rocks where there is a view down the canyon and a tree branch hangs horizontally above our heads. It is just begging to become a swing. So yes WE are in the process of making our swing up the canyon in the rock fields. I will take pictures when it is done, and hey if you are local to Utah, we will share our little piece of perfect with you. Also no I do not wear my briks while hiking up on the rock fields, you will want hiking shoes!!


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