///Thrift Shopping Advice

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I constantly hear people say  “I can never find things at D.I., Goodwill or Savers” or “the thrift stores near my house are always picked over”. So here is some of my thoughts in regards to those comments.

First……….thrift shopping is NOT EASY! You are NOT walking into a beautiful store with aesthetically pleasing smells and store displays. In fact sometimes the smells are so unpleasing it blocks my creative juices, but don’t let that intimidate. There are not racks and racks of beautiful clothes or decorations, but rather racks and racks of old, ugly clothes and ugly decorations with scattered gems. Yes, meaning you have to dig and rummage through crap! But it is so worth it especially when you find that amazing item!!

Second piece of business. Thrifting takes   T  I  M  E  . I usually spend on average  an hour if not longer in thrift stores. It is a process of searching, rummaging, and envisioning, which are all equally time consuming. Once you are successfully in your rummaging it is a new process of deciding how to wear or use what you have found. Is it really that great? Will it work? Does it fit? Does it need alterations? Does it have potential?

Potential…..that decision is refined. It takes practice. Over the years I have improved significantly. I used to buy lots and lots of crap that was simply just crap. But now I am able to pick out the winners and leave the losers. Something that has helped is INSPIRATION. Find sites that inspire you for fashion or home decoration and envision those things when thrifting. I love using pinterest, Urban Outfitters, and Anthropologie. This really works too!! I have several thrifted clothing items I wear and when I do I get asked…….is that from Urban or is that from Anthro? Find INSPIRATION and know what you W A N T.

My best advice is to go out and get started. Practice makes perfect. You will be pleased, your wallet will be pleased and you get MORE for your buck. And for me thrifting is not just about saving money it is a hobby and passion of mine. I love it. It makes me happy. And yes this is a picture from my most recent thrift shopping experience.


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