>>Eating Healthy

This past month I have not been eating healthy and getting back on track to healthy living has been difficult. I mean I know for some people eating vegetables is second nature, but for the rest of us eating crap food is like second nature.

However, I am pleased to say that this week I have finally mastered my healthy eating again. And the difference in how I feel is tremendous. I have more energy, I feel happier, I can focus and concentrate better, I have less headaches and stomach aches, etc. I am no expert, but here are my tips on eating healthy and what I have been doing.

Eat as many fruits and veges as possible.They fill you up and make you feel and look great! I try to eat three servings of fruit and four servings of veges.

DON’T SKIP MEALS. This does more damage than good. Can even slow down your metabolism and we don’t want that!

I notice that when I am starving and trying to prepare dinner or lunch I will just grab whatever is in front of me to satisfy my hunger. And the food in front of me is usually crappier food. So to maintain self-control I eat half of a protein bar and then wait until I am finished preparing the meal.

Only eat sweets or desert after you have just finished a meal and preferably dinner. But hey I work and sometimes I need that desert at lunch time to get me up.

Eat miracle foods or “super foods”. Super foods that make me feel great are:
chia seeds

What are some of your health tips or favorite super foods?


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