>>Greetings from Hawaii

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I just realized that I forgot to post the winner of my necklace giveaway before I left on my trip. That is my bad. I was just so excited to play in Hawaii!! So the winner is…………….. ELIZABETH HACKLEY! So happy day for her!!!

Now to Hawaii……….I am in love. I never want to leave. I am wearing this beautiful swimsuit courtesy of Beverly Swim Wear.  I was so excited to work with her and her suits because she supports modest swimwear, which I LOVE. I was drawn to this suit because of the backside, I mean look at that thing-awesome right? I did however, have to make a few alterations to the front side because there was not much support for my ladies and that is not a pretty sight. If you have those same special needs this suit will have to be altered to tailor those needs. But other than that minor difficulty I have loved strutting around Maui in my semi-backless swimsuit. I have gotten quite the stares and likes. Check her SUITS out for yourself she has got some great, unique, beautiful, modest swimwear.


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