>>February What She Wears Link Up

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Blazer: thrifted (Similar Here)  Shirt: thrifted  Jeans: thrifted  Shoes: thrifted  Sunnies: F21 (Here)  Beanie: old

For this months link up over at Run Style Run the theme is favorite winter trends. I was so so tempted to say midi skirts, but I am pretty sure people are beginning to wonder if I know how to dress casually. So I went with the over sized blazer look. I have been soaking up all the over-sized  trends this winter.

The other favorite trend of mine as of late is the look of simplicity! A plain white t-shirt has never been more stylish, so take advantage. I promise you will fall in love. This is my new Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and every other day uniform. If I was a mom I would call it my mom uniform. It is simple and comfy. Perfect for on the go. What is your mom uniform?

My necklace giveaway is still going so enter!

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