>>Statement Necklace Giveaway from DressLily!

Who doesn’t love statement necklaces? And who doesn’t love getting a bang for your buck? If that describes you, you will LOVE DressLily. They have AMAZING PRICES….I mean AMAZING! You want a necklace for five to ten dollars go to DressLily. They even have J.Crew copy cats! And we all know……….. that no one does jewelry like J.Crew, but their necklaces leave holes in my wallet. Not DressLily. Check out their amazing prices! And after you do that, you should enter to win one of DressLily’s necklaces above.  As the winner you will get to choose which necklace you love most.


So those were my good  things to say and here is the bad. You have to understand DressLily is based out of China. They are slower to get your merchandise out, obviously since it is international. I would not pay for any faster shipping. They seem to have a bad reputation for customer service. When I visited China I experienced this a lot! Assume that you are probably getting what you paid for. I have read lots of reviews saying how great the quality was and reviews about how you are getting what you paid for/bad quality. Yes I would say you are taking a risk shopping there, sometimes good and sometimes bad. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask!


17 thoughts on “>>Statement Necklace Giveaway from DressLily!

    • I felt the same way! Anything that feels too good to be true is too good to be true! In fact it took me over two months to actually agree to this giveaway because of the same concern. I order a necklace and it came within a week and was good quality for what I paid. Also what I have found by working with this company is that they are based out of China and that is why their prices are so cheap. They have no middle man so they are basically selling their merchandise for the wholesale price. I have not order any clothes so I am not sure what to tell you there, although I do plan too. I am sure their clothes are not the greatest quality, but I could be wrong. I have read several customer reviews and they have been relatively positive. The one negative review I read was about a coat I was interested in buying. They said the fabric was shiner than it showed in the picture. Hopefully that was helpful!

      • Thank you so much for the response! I loved all the necklaces from your post & they had some really amazing looking handbags. I feel much better about ordering online if I can read reviews from customers. Thanks again, & I enjoy your blog!

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