>>Costa Rica


Costa Rica,Tamarindo,bows and twine,Lauren DeVries,gopro pics

Costa Rica,Tamarindo,bows and twine,Lauren DeVries,slack lining,gopro pics

Costa Rica,Tamarindo,bows and twine,Lauren DeVries,slack lining,gopro pics

Costa Rica,Tamarindo,bows and twine,Lauren DeVries,surfing,gopro pics

First I just want to congratulate Meredith on winning the Blue Nile Giveaway!!

Here is a little glimpse of my trip down Costa Rica over Christmas break. Boy was it warm and beautiful. We backpacked to a beach in Tamarindo and stayed in a hostel for a few nights. We surfed, slack lined and played in the waves. I was pleased with the beach and sun but I was not pleased with the prices in Tamarindo it was rather pricy and there were loads of tourists! Not only that, but Tamarindo is a seven hour bus ride (with no air conditioning) from the airport in San Jose. If I am being completely honest it was not a practical trip by any means, but it was an experience and adventure. Being stranded for 3 days longer than planned in Costa Rica because of cancelled flights may have put a sour taste in my mouth. I will stop wining now and tell you that the highlight of my trip was meeting some new friends. We met a girl from Germany named Sophia and a girl from France named Morgane who wants to come and stay with us in the states in February. I have life long friends from traveling and staying in hostels. It is something you need to try at least once in your lifetime. 

Some other thoughts: Sometimes I feel like I have a conflicted personality. I love love clothes and fashion and beauty but on the other hand I love adventure. I seek it out. I love the feeling. Growing up I always wanted to be doing what my brothers were doing. I wanted to do the “boy stuff” and so anything they did I did as well. But the two don’t mesh well together.  In fact it seems to confuse people. So if you are surprised that I backpacked in Central America, dressed like a hippie, slept in hostels, surfed and slack lined just know it is part of my split personality.


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