>>5 Minute DIY Deer Pillow

>>Congrats to Colleen for winning the kensie Giveaway!

>>This was SO EASY to do. I am all about 5-10 minute projects. I bought this pillow cover from Hobby Lobby for $3 to make use of an old pillow.

>>I got home and typed  “deer head print out” into google. I found a silhouette I liked and sized it on a word document and printed it out.


>>I then cut the deer out-making it a stencil.


>>I centered the deer on my pillow and taped some of the sides. I then used a permanent marker and starting filling in my deer.


>>I perfected some areas after taking my home made stencil off.


>>This project was so easy and perfect for a Christmas pillow.


>>I am helping my mom spruce up this bedroom. (used to be my bedroom). My newest decorating obsessions are geometric shapes and rocks! My mom thinks I am crazy for putting this tray on the bed and for decorating with rocks, but there is not much furniture in the room and I loved this too much to not let it get used, so it resides on the bed. No one sleeps in the bed anyways. And if they do just warn them that the rock is heavy. (and from my dad’s rock collection and may be valuable)




2 thoughts on “>>5 Minute DIY Deer Pillow

  1. You creative little monkey! I miss you, Lauren! I was super bummed when I didn’t see you at the party tonight. Also, didn’t even know your dang giveaway was running. I totally wish I would have entered — so cute! Let’s do something soon. After the holiday madness slows down, I plan on seeing your face a HECK of a lot more often than I do now.

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