>>>For the Love of Velvet




Dress: D.I. (thrifted)  Necklace: F21  Shoes: Target  Hat: Mom’s  Sunnies: Anthro

10% of our lives are incontrollable. The other 90% we are in control of. That 10% decided to pay me visit recently. I was scrolling through my pictures deleting the unwanteds and making room on my card during the photo process of this post. It was quite bitter outside so I suggested to my wonderful photo taker that we get in my car while I finishing sorting. Well the next moments still give me the shivers. I fell off the curb (the curb was abnormally large, there should have been warning signs) with camera in hand. I sprained my ankle and bloodied my knee up but worst of all I dropped my camera accompanied by a horrific scream. I thought for sure my camera was a goner. My photo taker ran over to assist me. He picked me up and held me tight. I was wiggling and crying and yelling trying to break free to get to my camera. No no no no no no is all I could think. I bought this camera weeks ago and have only used it a few times and it put a huge dent in my account. This could not be happening, oh but it did. Harsh cold reality. We picked up my camera and went home. I probably cried for the next three hours. I hate that stupid 10%. We did not even get to finish the shoot. When it rains it pours. I thought I was done with the rain for a while. Apparently I am not.


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