>>>Wardrobe Essentials




Dress: Anthropologie  Boots: Target  Necklace: F21  Hat: oldie  Watch: D.I. (thrifted)

You can never go wrong with a black dress. It is a timeless piece and when it’s timeless it is justifiable, which creates problems for me. Yes I am addicted to buying black dresses. My closet is filled with them. Black dresses have a way of luring me in because 1. they make you look FABULOUS and 2. I can trust that I will be able to trend my dress for many years to come. I mean I wore this dress for Halloween as someone from the 20’s. I just threw some pearls, fur and a headband on as accessories and boom I look liked I walked out of the Gatsby Mansion.

I know you are all wondering if I am endorsing Latinos Express in my pictures. Well the answer is…YES! So hurry on over. No no no no I am joking. I am not endorsing or nonendorsing for that matter. After looking at my pictures though I felt like I might as well be. I even tried to look up what Latinos Express is but all I got was directions to it and clearly I already now how to get there.


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