>>>Trouser Love




Pants: D.I. (thrift store) Shirt: F21  Necklace: Coldwater Creek  Shoes: D.I.  Hat: Mothers

Yes I am loving everything about the timeless trend of trousers. Any timeless pieces are golden. I think it is important to staple your wardrobe with timeless pieces. (J.Crew is fabulous at this). Trends and fads come and go so quick. Don’t get too caught up in them. Dress for you. Define your unique style. Don’t just buy clothes because they are “in” buy because it is you and you love it. People have commented that I am a good shopper in the past. This is hardly true, but what I am is smart. I don’t buy clothes impulsively unless it is four dollars or less. I always know what I am looking for except when thrifting, and I don’t buy pieces unless I know how and what I will wear it with. There are exceptions-thrift shopping and Anthropologie. I go to Anthropologie to be inspired and don’t always now what I am looking for. Have places that give you inspiration. Pinterest and blogs are also great for this!! Where do you get inspired?

Catchings of my life:

Anthropology the class is going to be the death of me.

I downloaded instagram. Finally! I think my username is LaurDeVries. Follow me if you want we can be friends.

Ankle boots have been my go to shoe and I am in desperate need of Birkenstock sandals.


2 thoughts on “>>>Trouser Love

  1. Hey – I just discovered your blog and I wanted to tell you that those pants are 1) gorgeous 2) look super comfy. Do you ever wear them with flip flops or tennis shoes instead of heels?

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