>>>Factors of Happiness

Sometimes I disappear, but only for good reasons. I have been feeling a little under the weather lately. I can’t even really describe what it is that I have been feeling, but I definitely have not been myself. I am not saying this so you can all pity me, but rather so you know I am human. I struggle too and I have been trying to find some peace of mind. I needed balance in my life again. I have felt thrown off. So I took Fall Break as an opportunity to pull myself out of my own little pity party. I started writing in my journal. Profound I know. I began formulating a list of all the things that make me happy. The mountains, mountain biking, reading, hiking, hot chocolate, rock climbing, thrift shopping, skiing, yoga, family, snow, holidays, blogging, serving others, Etc. I just kept writing and writing. Well why the heck was I not doing these things if they make me so happy. So I dedicated my fall break to the mountains and slid under the radar for about a week a half. And wow those mountains did wonders. Heck who needs a therapist when there are mountains around? After I resurfaced and life resumed and I was sifting through my pictures documenting fall break and I found that picture of me up in the mountains with the binoculars. I was unaware that picture was even taken and that smile on my face is a TRUE Lauren smile. I can see how truly happy I felt at that moment.  And it was kind of inspiring to me. So I guess moral of the story is do the things you love, it will bring you happiness.







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