>>>Thrifty Thursday





Jumper: Thrifted (D.I.)  Shoes: Thrifted (D.I.)  Shirt: F21  Necklace: Coldwater Creek  Bracelet: Downeast  Watch: Thrifted (D.I.)  Hat: Mom’s closet

Yes the hat again. I was not lying when I said obsessed. Probably the only time I don’t wear it is when I sleep, shower, and go to work………….. with the exception of one day when I actually did wear it to work. Learned quickly from that mistake. I got mocked the entire day of looking like Indiana Jones. Every where I went the Indiana Jones theme song was being sung to me and I was tormented with stupid questions like where I kept my whip and if I was bored at my low adventure job. Yes it was painful and gave me flashbacks of elementary school. What I did not mention to anyone is that my hat is actually from Disney Land (I know I know) and that the hat is indeed suppose to be an Indiana Jones Hat. So really they nailed it. And it is kind of humorous. And now you are thinking I lied about the origin of my hat. Well in my defense it really is from my mother’s closet. She bought the hat like twenty years ago while in Disney Land, wore it for a costume once and then there it sat until two decades later I would wear it almost everyday! So that is the hat story and my nickname of sunshine at work has now been permanently replaced with indie.
And just a quick mention on my outfit. I am really really proud to have thrifted those shoes. They are really going to add to my fall wardrobe. I am linking up with these lovely ladies. Check out their blogs to see what other bloggers are linking up for the week.

Perfectly Coutured

5 thoughts on “>>>Thrifty Thursday

  1. I seriously am so obsessed with your blog, girl! You always post some of the greatest stuff! I’m posting on Fashion Week right now since it’s going on in my city (STL), so feel free to follow me back to keep posted with that now too! Otherwise, keep blogging great stuff!

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