>>>A Glimpse of My Inner Hippie


Dress: Free People  Vest: D.I. (thrifted)  Shoes: F21 Headdress: Decades (thrifted)  Necklace: F21 Sunnies: F21

Sometimes things just come together. The dress came first and then the headband but they were truly meant for each other. I can not say enough, how grateful I am that I have a blog to share this on. I mean can you imagine the tormented looks I would get if I wore this grocery shopping or to class….heaven forbid. (I think class would be much much worse than the grocery store). But here is my opportunity, out of the handful of times my headdress will actually be worn.

Secret confessions. I don’t know if this politically correct to say or if it is even consider under that category but I have always kind of wanted to be a hippie. Not like a girl who is obsessed with the boho trends as of late, but a real hippie. The dreads, baggie clothing, beanies, the cool beads, Tevas, the whole thing. Often times I feel like I could fit in…I rock climb, I travel, I could live in the mountains and hostels. I can let my hair get really dirty and messy, but lets be honest this probably will never be my lifestyle. But sometimes I like to dream. Like when I traveled to Guatemala I knew we were going to stay in an area that is populated by hippie goers. So I catered my packing and clothing to this so I could feel like a hippie wanta be. But hey I did backpack and stay in hostels…that should count for something. Anyways enough stereotyping. Happy Wednesday!


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