Today I was able to hear Lauren Manning a 9/11 survivor speak at Utah Valley University. Her story is incredible and so touching. She has truly been through the unimaginable but has retained such a strong spirit. I am not a note taker but a couple times she said some things that sent me scrambling for my phone. She talked about her story, her recovery, the amount of strength  it took and what she has learned from these experiences.

“Things are going to happen and you are not the first person it has happened to. So all you can do is move forward”. That hit me. For some reason we feel comfort when others have experienced the same failure, mistake, trail, adversary. Why is that? I don’t know, but even hearing her say that made me think, “Yeah okay I am not the only one.” And I can move past this. I will be okay. She put perspective into my life and helped me remember what is really important. Please watch her videos, read her book or at least look her up. She has a story to tell.


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