>>>September What She Wears-Military Edition





Camo Shirt: Pacsun  Pants: thrifted  Shoes: thrifted:  Plaid shirt: thrifted Watch: thrifted  Necklace: F21  Clutch: thrifted  Hat: old  Sunnies: F21

This months theme is obviously Military inspired and so I pulled out this bad boy and let my creative juices go. Check out Run Style Run to see how other fellow bloggers styled their military.

I feel like I have so much to say about this outfit but not a good way to say any of it.  Here I go. Yes I am excited for fall. It is my favorite season. No it is not fall weather yet and I did get quite a few strange looks from the passer bys. But when has weird looks stopped me, ever. I love this outfit because it has some of my favorite fall trends. 1st being the boyfriend distressed jeans. I am in love. I decided to distress my own jeans because I am all about saving money. Yeah it is actually hard to try and make your jeans look like crap.  So this is just phase one of my distressing. I know you are  thinking- way to go all out Lauren with a total of three distresses but this is a learning process for me. If I had done it all at once I probably would have ruined the jeans beyond repair. And the final line of phase one was drawn when I stabbed myself with scissors. I was being a little to careless. I will spare you all your dinners but I did faint a little at the sight of a red hand and probably could of used some stitches. But eh a little battle wound never hurt anyone. If you look closely in my last picture you can see a lovely band aid.

2nd trend–plaid and flannel and shirts tied around your waist. I have been throwing this plaid flannel shirt around everything. It gives me an edgy and different look that I love. So I challenge you to rock a shirt or sweater around your waist. And here are my random comments.

Beanie Season can’t come soon enough.

Shout out to that watch! Four dollars and fabulous.

Lost my favorite sunglasses. Sad confessions: I cried over five dollar sunglasses. Hey every penny counts. So I had to invest in some more five dollar sunglasses. Imagine if I lost triple digit sunglasses???

Well until next time. And link up with us for next months What She Wears!!


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