>>>Life as of Late


Jumpsuit: Anthropologie  Hat: My mom’s closet  Purse: Thrifted  Bracelet: F21

Jumpsuits make my life easy. I am so happy to own this baby. So here is the story behind it. It had a broken zipper so I got it for twelve dollars. I know what a steal from Anthro! I HATE zippers though. I hate everything about them. So I went to the best alterations shop in town and paid twenty four dollars which is really another steal considering how long the zipper was and TOTALLY worth it for me. And bam here I am. It still needs a bit of hemming since I am vertically impaired. But I couldn’t wait to wear it. It was too awesome.

So my little brother…… he loves to comment on my outfit posts. My boho pants post he asked are you really going to try and rock pajama pants? I was a little offended and defensive. They are NOT pajama pants and even if they were I would rock them.  Well for this post he said I looked like I was in France going to brunch. I like that.  Thanks Kyle.

Life as of Late:

School starts in a week and a half.

I have to quit my summer jobs. I hate quitting……

I have to find time to move. This gives me a headache.

All I can think is schools starting, I need to move, I need to quit. I can’t move until I quit and I can’t start school until I move. Ah. Any tips on quitting?


7 thoughts on “>>>Life as of Late

  1. BOOOO to school starting!!!! We just moved yesterday after getting home from a vacation and yes, it is a headache, I’ve had a constant one since um… yesterday morning 😛

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