>>>boho pants






Pants: Anthropologie  Shirt: Panache  Denim Vest: F21  Necklace: Coldwater Creek  Shoes: D.I. (thrifted)  Sunnies: F21

I LOVE these pants. They scream weird, strange, different and crazy. All of which I strive to be. Like my sixth grade teacher said if you are not a little weird then you’re no fun at all. Women of my heart. I am also so so so so pleased with my thrifted ankle strap heels. These are so popular and trendy right now. And I was seriously considering spending a good thirty dollars on a pair. Glad I was patient. Six dollars is a lot better than thirty.

Would I actually wear this outfit out and about? YES! I have worn it to work AND out and about. When I didn’t want to look quite so fancy with the heels I dressed it down with a pair of ankle boots. I would wear this on a date night as well. It would have to be with the right guy because I have definitely scared guys away with the way I dress. I dated this one guy who finally admitted to me that he thought  I dressed strange. He told me he had never dated a girl who wore colored pants (you can tell he never gets out) and a poncho. I WAS NOT WEARING A PONCHO!! It was a lace shirt. I will have to show you. He said I wear layers upon layers and it is SOO complicated. He asked why not just a plain shirt and a pair of jeans???  Well here is your answer BECAUSE THIS IS WHO I AM. He also told me he felt weird going out in public with me. (I know a real keeper). Yes he got dumped real quick by me. Somewhere in my heart I bought these pants out spite for him and you can sort of say this one is for you PAL.


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