>>>DIY How to Make Paper Flowers



Some days I am just itching for a new project to do. Today was one of those days.  So here is what I did.


As you can see these circles are no where near perfect, so don’t worry to much about the drawing and cutting out. Also it shows only four cut outs here, but I did six flowers.

STEP 2: Cut out your circle flowers.


Start rolling your paper flower from the inside .


Arrange your sticks and roses in a vase. This part takes a little bit of fidgeting.



I bought this little table/night stand thing from T.J. Max for $20. What I did not realize at the time of purchase was that it is awkwardly small and finding something to accent the table was going to be near impossible (dramatic I know).

The petite gold frame I got from the D.I. for 25 cents. Haven’t found what to honor the frame’s presence with yet, but I will surely post it once it makes itself known.

The lamp I got at the D.I. also and then painted.

Obviously there is my lovely DIY project in the back which cost me nothing: vase already had, sticks already had or used some from my backyard (not kidding, I have done that more than once) and the paper already had.

Then lets talk about the white elephant in the room-THAT AWESOME FUR. I am a little obsessed with textures and fur happens to be one of my favorites when decorating. I got this fur from my brother. He got it at scout camp  for three dollars and just gave it to me. So if you have kids, send them with some money to scout camp to buy you some fur or ask your husband, nephews, boyfriends, guy friends whatever. You would be surprised with the gems guys hoard around.


Yes I am a little proud.


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