>>>Peace Love & Rock n’ Roll






Baseball Cap: H&M  Sunnies: F21  Shirt: F21  Vest: F21  Necklace: Coldwater Creek  Leather Skirt: D.I. (thrifted)  Shoes: Charlotte Ruse

I have so much to say about this outfit! First of all I love breaking “clothing rules”! When mixing of patterns was finally permissible thing to do I was all over that. I have been mixing and mismatching since I was three. And I got to break more rules with this outfit by wearing tennis shoes and a baseball cap with a skirt and I loved every moment of it.

The baseball cap, graphic tees and tennis shoes are some of my favorite trends this summer. Along with THE denim vests. If there is one item you need for your closet it is a denim vest!! You can wear it with basically anything and everything and it will make your outfit look hip and trendy even when it maybe isn’t. (I do it all the time.)

One of my favorites to pair with the denim vest is the graphic tee and then add a bold statement necklace. You will instantly look J.Crewesque.

I had someone ask me why I did not thrift my denim jacket it seems like it could be an easy item to thrift. Well here is my answer. I have been looking for about a year at the D.I. for a denim vest. The only ones I could find just did not look up to par. So it was worth it to me to find one at F21 that looked right. And let me assure you I have gotten my moneys worth.

Last thing is that necklace of mine! I have never received so many compliments on a necklace  before!! I love it because it is unique, different, no where to be found and it was only NINE DOLLARS. Yes folks I will say it again Coldwater Creek has some awesome Jewelry and some awesome sales.

DISCLAIMER: We all do them so here is mine: Please excuse my gross looking legs. Yes there are bruises, cuts, scratches, and road rash all over my legs and knees. I did spare you the worst of it and waited about a week before taking pictures. My thighs are all sorts of purples, yellows, blues, and browns. No I was not beaten. You could even say I inflicted this pain upon myself. I crashed on my mountain bike. I had been warned several times that the certain trail I was about to take on my bike was a very technical expert trail. However I would say I am a skilled rider for a women so I knew I could handle it and if there were any sketchy spots I would just do the unpopular hike a bike. Well I was able to do the ENTIRE RIDE without hiking a bike! It was a HAPPY DAY FOR ME except for the one spot I clearly should have walked but my women pride got in the way and I rode through it. The next thing I knew I was flying over my handle bars down the steep mountain. Well I survived obviously with only minor injuries and it was worth it. All I could think once I crashed was WOW I just did that ride! And this defiantly was not my first or worst crash. My worst crash has left a huge scar bigger than a quarter on my knee. The day it happened I rushed to the ER and when I arrived the doctor told me, “Well hopefully being a model was not in your sights because I can tell you with that cut and future scar you will never be one”. However blunt and unsettling her statement was I was not too bothered I was going to have a cool scar and story to tell!


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