>>>Thrift Happy


Shirt: D.I.  Pants: D.I.  Boots: D.I.  Hat: my mother’s closet  Necklace: F21  Glasses: F21

Oh am I ever feeling thrift happy? Finally I got my butt over to my favorite thrift store D.I. and boy was it worth it. I seriously don’t know why I need to by shoes or clothes elsewhere. If you have not tried thrifting then I challenge you do so.  Your style and pocket-book will greatly benefit.

Yup and I am pretty sure that hat is going to be my summer obsession. So buckle up because there is going to be a lot more where that came from.

Summer is flying by. Why does time fly when I don’t want it to and why does time absolutely stop when I am dreadfully miserable? I want to stop time from flying by. I want life to stop slipping through my fingers and changing in the blink of my eye. How am I going to do this. Science. No just kidding. I am going to stop and smell the roses. Try and enjoy every moment, second, hour, day that I am alive and well. Life is meant to be enjoyed not passed by. My problem is I make my life so busy and hectic I make it impossible to smell those roses because for some odd reason I have this strange notion in my head that my day book needs to be filled from morning to night. Because if I don’t then I am not living a worth while life. But how is life worth while if we don’t have time to enjoy. So what if I sit on the couch for an hour and think or spend way to much time in the shower. At least I am smelling those roses. So I am going to slow down and try enjoy every moment of summer. You should too.

One sad confession:

I went rock climbing and as I was repelling down my hair got caught in the ATC and rope. I stopped with shock. I was trying to decide what my plan of action was since my hair was clearly not coming out. I thought if I just unhooked from the rope then I could pull my hair out. Dumb. Life vs. hair. So I did the logically thing and ripped my hair out. SAD!!! I probably stared at my ripped hair for three minutes when someone asked what are you doing? So I continued back down. So if you thought wow one side of my hair looks longer than the other. You are absolutely right. And this is very sad for me. And I know after you all read this you are going to scroll back up and look at my hair. Learn from my lesson pull your hair back!!!!!!


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