Public Speaking—Its all in your face!






I had the opportunity this weekend to speak to Allyse’s Bridal’s Fashion Team on Beauty. There is nothing I love more than talking to girls about their true beauty!!! Our society has become so obsessed with outer beauty. The media and society has proceeded to define what beauty is and created a standard and if we don’t meet that standard then “we are not beautiful”. But who can really define beauty? No one!!! There is no defining beauty. But the sad truth is we buy into these messages we are constantly bombarded with making us feel unsatisfied with our looks and body and encouraging us to diagnose flaws and imperfections with ourselves. Well who said I have to be perfect and when did we stop celebrating what is good with us? There is so much to celebrate in life! It is sad how much time as women we waste worrying, feeling anxiety and insecure about how we don’t measure up, or how we are not good enough, not beautiful enough or skinny enough. Start celebrating what is right with you, how you are beautiful, how you do measure up, and how you are enough. Write it down, blog, ask a friend what is beautiful about you!

I love what Dove has done to campaign for real beauty and improving women’s self esteem. They came out with this video below about two months ago and I think it has a great message. It makes me cry every time I watch it. (Yes I am a crier) We are our own worst critic we don’t see the potential and beauty within ourselves. Stop the negative self-talk and start positive self-talk. Don’t get up and look in the mirror and find flaws and imperfections. Find the perfections. I have always felt like my nose is abnormally large and one day when I was doing research for my Girl’s Empowerment Class I came across this concept of positive self-talk. So I tired it. What did I have to lose? In the mornings I would get up and look in the mirror and find the beautiful in Lauren. I started to realize what beautiful blue eyes I have, that I have really great pearly white teeth, I started to love my cheeks, and I really began to love myself and show compassion for myself instead constantly criticizing and critiquing. But most importantly my overall happiness improved, my relationships with people were more important, I was kinder, less judgmental, I tried new things that were scary. SO PLEASE PLEASE WATCH THIS. YOU ARE MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN YOU THINK.

Shirt: Anthropologie  Skirt: Coldwater Creek


4 thoughts on “Public Speaking—Its all in your face!

  1. I got the chills reading this… I love you and your blog so much!! We better be playing when I get back 🙂

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