>>>>Me and My Wide Brim Fedora


Dress: Anthropologie  Vest: F21  Necklace: Coldwater Creek  Shoes: My moms!!  Hat: Secret

Okay so I have some explaining to do. First of all those red shoes are my mothers!!! I was beyond joyed when I found them. Everyone keeps asking me where I got them and two people asked if I got them from Urban Outfitters. Well everybody the truth comes out they are from my mothers closet! Okay second I don’t usually keep secrets on my outfit details. However has anyone else tried to find a wide brim fedora in Utah? I am telling  you right now you will be disappointed. So about two months ago I was in San Francisco shopping and I found this wide brim fedora at H&M for 17 dollars. I thought I will just get that in Utah because I did not want to take it on the plane. So I come back to good ole Utah and apparently we have none! I say wide brim fedora here and people look at me like I sat on their grandmother! The only one I could find was 98 dollars at Free People. Are you kidding me? I can’t pay 98 dollars for a HAT!! So naturally the next place to look would be my mothers closet and lo and behold their it was my wide brim fedora shoved in the back of her closet. So that is where it is from and only those who really read my blog will ever know. Also if any of you have had better luck, please share it would muchly appreciated.

I love summer! I have already found some of my summer favorites! I will share with you in a few weeks some great summer trends you will need this summer.

Unhappiness in my life this week:

Realizing that I am should be living in Hawaii right now and if I was I would probably be on the beach with a tan. Sad day.

Lady almost hit me and then flipped me off. Wait I was the one with the flipping off rights????

Girls 7 years my senior acting like two year olds. It is a growing problem.


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