Sometimes I Like Being Plain Jane





Dress: Free People  Shoes: D.I. (thrifted)  Necklace: Cold Water Creek

When I first wore this dress I was a little concerned of it resembling a night gown, but I have gotten the most complements on this dress than any other dress I have owned in my entire existence. The dress has an elegance and grace to it making me seem elegant and graceful (which I am surely not). Free People, Anthropologie, and Urban Outfitters have it going on! They are all owned by the same peeps and I promise you will never find any clothes more unique and beautiful. But don’t say I didn’t warn you, there will be a gaping hole in your pocket after shopping.

Pictures……Pictures…..and more Pictures.

What are my biggest challenges with taking photos?

The right lighting is probably the most difficult. For instance, the lighting was PERFECT yesterday when we began to take these photos, but then our sun decided to hide behind dark, mean clouds and sucked up all our good lighting at dusk.

Your eyes are always closed in the BEST PICTURES. Sometimes I want to just say forget it, ignore that my eyes are closed, but lets be honest no one enjoys an eye closed photo. Might as well say photo bomb.

Trying not to look like you are in pain. I seem to pull out this angry face sometimes thinking I am making some sexy face. Better to look happy than sexy….because usually you are not sexy. When in doubt smile!

The stares. People staring and watching was hard for me to get over. And let me tell you people LOVE TO STARE. I use to duck and cover at any sign of human life. But now I have gotten more acquainted with the constant stares. I have a rule if someone stares to long I give them a wave and if they stare way to long I give them a hang loose. Surprisingly this makes me feel better and usually people will wave back. I no longer feel like an animal on display at the zoo.

Lastly getting time with my busy busy photographer. None of this would be possible without him!!!!!!!!


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