>>>>Refashioning Clutches



So I know it has been a while! It is finals week and I have been pounded. However I did take some Lauren time to be creative. I found this clutch at the D.I. and I bought it for a dollar. There was nothing really wrong with it before but I decided it need a new look. Here is what I did.

1. Rubbed rubbing alcohol all over the clutch. This helps with the paint.

2.  Purchased two different colors of fabric paint. I would not use acrylic paint it cracks and does not paint as well. 

3. Start painting. Remember to paint the inside one of the colors unless you are okay with opening up your clutch and getting a flash of red.

4. I did probably two or three coats. Then after those coats were dry I had some gloss finish spray paint leftover from another project of mine, so I just lightly sprayed that on my clutch.

5. After that I glued on my studs from Hobby Lobby with gorilla glue. Then you have a wonderful refashioned clutch!


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