>>>>>>>>>Bare Lips





Shoes: Refashioned  Skirt: D.I. (thrifted)  Fur: F21  Sweater: F21  Necklace: F21  Collared Shirt: J.Crew

Yes those are my DIY shoes! It makes me feel like a proud mother.

I promise this is the last of my fur. Winter is leaving but I still want to wear black. Is that healthy?

I know you were all suspecting that I was on some weird medication. Well you were right! I am on this medication to make my face clear because believe it or not I get zits. Terrible zits actually. I had this perfect peaches and cream face in my puberty years and then once high school and college came around my face turned into tons and tons of zits. It was actually quite awful. It made me feel a little worthless and not beautiful. Until I realized I WAS still beautiful and acne didn’t define Lauren!!!!! So it was one of those things that was hard, but also made me a stronger hardier person ready to face many more trails to come.  Anyways the medication has been making my back ache. So taking pictures was very difficult. I walked in my bare feet (or bare tights) until we got to our little photo spot, put the shoes on for a few short minutes and then they came right off. So if I look like I am in pain in my pictures that is why. I have looked like a granny and begged for a walker with tennis balls for the past week. I have still have not received a walker. They don’t believe me. Other side effects include your lips transforming into the Mojave Desert. So either my lips are falling off or I have so much goop and Vaseline on them people get scared. Either way I CAN’T WEAR LIPSTICK, therefore my lips are bare. One month! I have a countdown with paper chains. My lips will have color again soon.


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