I have been itching for some new projects. Well they found me and know I have a million DIY projects to post for you to see!


Studs (I bought these studs from Hobby Lobby and I have been studding everything. Just wait you will see.)

Rubbing Alcohol

Gorilla Glue

Black Fabric Paint

Black Spray Paint

Painters Touch Gloss Spray Paint

Old pair of shoes

1. Find an old pair of shoes or go to a thrift shop such as DI and buy a pair of shoes. 2. Take your rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball and rub the entire shoe. (I don’t know why I do this step really, I just always do it when I refashion fake leather clutches so I figured the same applied.) 3. Paint with fabric paint.(do not use matte Fabric Paint it will look awful). 4. Do a light coat with black spray paint. 5. Then follow with Painters Touch Gloss Spray Paint to make glossy and protect paint. 6. Use your gorilla glue and glue the studs on!! WOO WOO you have new shoes.


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