>>>>>>Yes I wear pants. Sometimes.






Pants: D.I. (thrifted)  Shoes: F21  Shirt: Panache  Vest: F21  Necklace: F21

Fur again? Yes fur again! Because I am obsessed with my fur! So you will probably see it again. Those are some pretty awesome pants that you are seeing, yes they are from the D.I. and yes I feel like a champ for finding them. The price was……..five dollars. Yes ladies that is pocket change. The shirt is from Panache This shirt was a great buy too. You can wear it so many different ways and I love the longer back.

So I told you I would share some of my tips for saving pennies!

1. Find a thrift or charity store near you that is decently cheap. If you have a D.I. near you  make a trip!! You do have to be patient at these places.  You have to search. If that is hard for you or you don’t have an eye for that then focus on finding brand names they hardly lead you a stray. Look for Banana Republic, Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang, even Forever 21. Not only will you score great vintage finds, but you can score items that are brand new like the pants I am wearing!

2. Be patient! I have been wanting some great fur vest all winter, but I knew that about February/ end of January stores would begin to clearance winter items. So I waited and I waited until this fur vest originally forty dollars was on sale for ten dollars because they were trying to get rid of winter. Wait for sales. Wait for the transitioning of seasons. Buy some clothes at off seasons.

3. Shop Coldwater Creek. Coldwater Creek is thought of as more of an old woman store, but they do have some cute things for younger women. My personal favorite is that they have some of the best priced UNIQUE jewelry!! Shop for Jewelry there. Also the last great perk is they have amazing sales. They will mark down everything and then give you an extra fifty percent of that. Other stores that have fabulous sales Dillard’s and Macy’s  You just have to wait for it.

4. Next to shopping at D.I. this is my all time favorite……….DIY. Change your already owned clothes up. Do altering and sewing to fit current styles. Add beads, studs, jewels, to clothing items. Dye your clothes. Make new designs my dying.  Make your own jewelry. There is all sorts of wonderful DIY projects that can save you money. For ideas check out Pinterest or this awesome sewing blog Merricks Art Blog.


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