>>>>Give me some blues!






Shirt: J.Crew  Vest: F21  Necklace: Coldwater Creek  Skirt: D.I. (thrifted)  Shoes: D.I.  Bag: D.I. Hat: back of my closet  Glasses: F21

It has been a while! I was suppose to go to China a couple of weeks ago for a week because my visa was going to expire. The night before my flight I got extremely and sick. I had the upchucks all night long. So guess what? I did not get to go! It was a huge bummer. Instead of enjoying Chinese New Year I was enjoying the toilet and netflix. Well all is well! The sun was shining yesterday and I did not have to wear a coat and I finally felt well enough to take some pictures.

Yes this is yet again my jean shirt. I told you I love it death! The skirt is thrifted and cost three dollars. The vest was on sale at Forever 21 for ten dollars. The necklace was on sale at Coldwater Creek for eight dollars. The bag was thrifted for a buck. The shoes were thrifted for four dollars. Last but not least my newest found love are these sunglasses that I got from F21 for five bucks. I hate spending lots of money at all, but especially on sunglasses because I am notorious for losing them on planes, gas stations, in the ocean, running them over with my bike or any other plausible sun glass sucking location. So the fact that the glasses cost five dollars was a winning for my pocket and stress level when my glasses mysteriously disappear.


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