>>>>Grab your mittens, grab your coat, hat, and even a scarf. It is COLD!



This lovely picture was taken Sunday in the bitter cold! I can’t decide if the picture is beautiful or disgusting because of the cold and the terrible inversion! So I did not make it to San Fran yesterday, but I will be going sometime in the next couple weeks. I will be sure to take pictures. Instead I ventured on up to Park City where the Sundance Film Festival is taking place right now. I did some nice shopping and famous people searching. Park City is two or three thousand feet higher than where I live so it was thirty to forty degrees. It was lay out weather compared to what I am breathing in down yonder. It was so so so dreadful to come back! The only way that I can get my feet to step out is my warm delicious drinks in the morning.

Hot chocolate MMM. This never gets old. A little whip cream and chocolate sauce! However, some mornings I don’t really want to have had all of my chocolate fix my nine in the morning and neither do I want a stomach ache. So here are my alternatives that are better for you in the morning!

Vanilla Steamers.

Have you had Starbucks Vanilla Steamers? Well they are basically the love of my life. So I figured out how to do my own and perhaps a little healthier too. You need a milk frother and coconut milk and maybe some coffee cream. You heat the coconut milk in the microwave for about a minute then you froth the milk. Add cream or sweeteners if you want it sweeter. I do not personally.


Okay so maybe I have two loves of my life! I have great recipe and it will last you for many cold mornings! When I make my next batch of wassail I will share my amazing recipe with you.


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