>>>>>Times like these call for winter hats and wool socks!





Boots: D.I. (thrifted)  Skirt: D.I.  Shirt: D.I.  Necklace: F21  Watch: Cold Water Creek  Hat: back of my closet

It has been so cold here in good old Orem, Utah. The temperature is just hanging out at about seven, nine, fifteen degrees and negatives at night. Defiantly not ideal for walking to school every morning. Yes, yes I know there are colder places and temperatures, but I do not live in those colder places for a reason and Utah is usually not THIS cold for THIS long.  So I am thinking about flying to San Francisco for the day tomorrow thanks to my dad working for Delta Airlines! And you know what that means—shopping. My last Bloomingdales visit was far to long ago. (Yes we do not have Bloomingdales in Utah.)

I am overly pleased with my last D.I. expenditure. (D.I. is a thrift or charity shop for those of you who are unfamiliar). I could not believe that I found those boots at the D.I. for a whole stickin four dollars! Four dollars is pocket change. Who can’t spare four dollars for a new pair of shoes? This is why I love the D.I. Now I know you are all loving that price too and you probably think I am a liar, but let me assure you that I am not. On top of the cuteness and price they are brand new! I would guess they have never been worn because the original tags where still on the boots and  I am a good guesser. My shirt and skirt are also from the D.I. from past shopping sprees. The skirt is originally from F21, but I guess the owner knew I would make better use of it and gave it to the D.I.! The shirt was originally from Old Navy and I love the shirt because of its great fit. Everyone needs a similar blue stripped shirt you can fancy it up, wear casually, put it under sweaters, and such and it is a timeless piece for your wardrobe. The total price of this outfit= $20.00. Can I get a whoop whoop?!


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