>>>>>>Sew and Tell





Shirt: J.Crew Watch: Cold Water Creek Socks: Gifted Shoes: F21 Skirt: Homemade

I decided to do some sewing this weekend. This was one of those projects that makes you want to yell, scream, and throw your sewing machine out the window and then never sew again.

As I was rummaging threw old projects I had started and never finished, I found this skirt that was mostly completed, which is why I do not have a tutorial for you. I decided to finish and I thought the project would only take about an hour or two of my time, but this was not the case! It took half of my Saturday. I proceeded to put the invisible zipper on the skirt and it would not work! It made an s curve right on my rear. It was so frustrating; so I unpicked the zipper and did not even use a zipper. I just put some hooks at the top and I slip it on over my body, which usually does not work because of my curves. I lucked out this time. 

Here is the background on this skirt: Two years ago my mother was throwing this long skirt away and I save it because of the beautiful velvet color and made my own skirt out of it and I am so pleased with it!


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