As I started my Christmas decorating I decide the china cabinet was looking a little barren. I decided I wanted some big letters to put up there preferably Noel. I searched out at my favorite store Hobby Lobby for some nice letters. They did not have what I was looking for. The letters where either too small or to thin. So I decided I would make my own.


1. I found this great slap of pine in the garage. I started measuring how big I wanted my letters and drew them on the wood.


2. I decide my best bet for cutting out letters was the jig saw. I rested the big piece of pine wood on the work bench and small step ladder and went to work with the jig saw. You may want a man’s assistance on this part. The O was the trickiest letter.


3.Here are my letters after I cut them out with the saw. You will have to do some sanding to smooth edges and imperfections.


4. I had to make a stand for the letters. I just used scrap wood; nothing beautiful.


5. I added garland to hide the stand and so that the Noel would not be so bland.


Here is the finished project. I added some lights to light up the Noel. I think I might try painting the letters next year, but I did like the wood look.


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