Chicken Buses the new Disneyland Ride.

Yep we backpacked Guatemala and it was a true adventure. We ventured to several locations and rode many chicken buses. If you do not know what a chicken bus you are in for a treat. It is an American school bus painted every color known to man. They fit about a million people, chickens, cats per bus. They use their space efficiently by having passengers ride on windshields, on top of the bus, and out the windows and doors. Average speed being about 99 miles per hour (no give for jello game of your life). Has a variety of chicken smells and cramped human smells. Festive horns and lights to attract passengers. On top of that, you may risk being robbed of everything you have with you while enjoying your ride. I really loved every second of it; competes with rides at Disneyland.


One thought on “Chicken Buses the new Disneyland Ride.

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