Dress: Anthropologie  Boots: Urban Outfitters  Belt: Anthropologie  Sunnies: Anthropologie

So I have been out of the country the past two months backpacking in Europe. It was amazing! So beautiful and relaxing. I visited Scotland, Ireland, England and a big fat JUST KIDDING…haha that would be awesome though. I wish I had a cool excuse. Today when I looked at my blog, I laughed out loud because I had no idea it had been two months since my last post. Haha even now I am chuckling. I find it comical.  In all fairness life has changed a lot and so I have been adjusting. Also I think my mind needed a break from the Internets. Blogging can make my mind tired. Sometimes as bloggers we get so caught up in the internet world. We do a lot of comparing and can forget that real self esteem comes from inside yourself, not from comments, followers, likes, insta fame,  advertisements, products, etc. And sometimes we don’t enjoy life for life because we are more focused on getting the BEST DARN photo wherever we go. Cool moments are instantly ruined.  Our lives become one big photo shoot.

Blogger husbands have it the worst. They suffer from husband to a blogger syndrome. It is very serious if not treated immediately. Best cure is to delete your instagram, unplug the internet, and give him every ounce of attention you can. May take months.

Well there you have it. Lesson learned blogging is poor for health. Dramatic? No. Silly? Maybe. Truth? Absolutely!

But hey I am back. Back for good? Who really knows? Life is good right now. I am loving it. I finally have all the change under control. My job with the police department is awesomely intense. People are really confused as to what I am? Truth is I am just a social worker at a police department. For some reason that is hard to grasp. Probably doesn’t help that everyone thinks I am 18. I am changing. I am a different Lauren. Still a good Lauren, just different.  I care more about enjoying life and people in my life than fashion. I know WOW. But honestly it’s better that way. It has been nagging at me for a while. I am still going post pictures of me in outfits and shop and love Anthropologie until I die. So stayed tuned. 2015 is coming up and with some awesome new trends that I am excited for.

//Just an another year

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Shirt: Anthropologie  Pants: Anthropologie  Hat: Anthropologie  Necklace: Anthropologie Shoes: Urban Outfitters

My blog is an outlet for stress. Hopefully I don’t always complain, but maybe I do. Good thing I don’t actually force anyone to read this blog, except maybe my mother. (She actually doesn’t even know how to find my blog herself on the internet.) But lately posts have been few and far between. An individual gave me some feedback recently that………… I need to post more………..what I have to say to that is @*$. Ha just jokes. And no harsh feelings towards this particular feedbacker. I have just been tired, really tired. I will get back into the swing of things soon, but I need a break. I know it is so… poor me and pathetic and everyone else on this planet is tired and busy as well, but hey I hit Lauren’s limit lately. Working four jobs is NOT EASY…..

I want to talk about my posting habits. If you follow my blog you have probably caught on by now that I only post about once a week. I feel great about this habit. I usually take my outfit pictures on Sundays. But lately on Sundays all I want to do when I come home from my religious service is knot that hair on top of my head, and get in some really, really baggy clothing and take naps in my warm, well lite room. Then I might wake up and go get a snack and then sleep some more. Then I will wake up and have a late dinner and enjoy the beautiful summer night on the porch. Even now typing about it I am getting excited inside. When is Sunday? Oh wait five days away.

I think my body might just be telling me that summer is over and it is time to get ready for fall, which I am also very accepting of. I love fall. The cooler weather, sweaters, fires, soups, colored trees, Halloween. I know God created fall for me. So summer go away. I am officially done with you.


///My Spaces

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bows and twine,bows and twine blog,decorating,urban outfitters,thrift shopping,thrifted,DIY,decorating,style,utah,Lauren DeVriesSomeone recently asked me where they should go to get knick knacks for their house. Is that even a question?? Knick knacks = thrift stores. Yeah there are knick knacks other places, but thrift stores are filled with them. I mean just look at those great treasures I have thrifted. Perfect knick knacks for decorating.

Here is the happenings in my life. I moved from Provo to Salt Lake a couple months back, for a job. I was offered the job, but had to go through all the formalities. And there were a lot of formalities including an investigation on Lauren’s entire life and polygraph testing. It has taken the whole summer, but I was finally deemed clean and appropriate and I am starting my new job the 18th of August. WAHOO! But what did I do while I waited to be deemed cleaned? Ha well Lauren had to find other sources of income. It took 3 different jobs to provide a suitable income. What job was so worth the wait? I can’t actually tell you because it is confidential.          Oh just jokes..I am working for the Sandy Police Department as a social worker. This is very exciting in my world and just thought it was about time to share.

But back to my beautifully, thrifted, home decorating. Since the move I have been trying to get my spaces up to par. It has taken me the whole summer, but I am getting there one step at a time. I recently finished this space and was so so so overjoyed.  I have an awesome rock next to the buffalo that I did not label. That rock was actually found in the mountains by my family and given to me. Yes we are cool like that……aka rock hunters. Also I did not picture my entire book case, but in case you were wondering, yes all my books are backwards. This gives it a uniform, but still textured look. I wanted most of the color to come from the top of the book shelf, so that is why I tried to mute the books.

Stayed tuned..next week I am going to show my DIY weavings…..I am addicted.

//Let’s talk about my clogs obsession…

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bows and twine,Lauren DeVries,OOTD,Clogs,Zuma Necklace,Anthropologie,Anthro,Urban Outfitters,Ecote Shoes,Ecote Clogs,Utah Fashion Bloggers,Fashion,Style,Utah
Shirt: Urban Outfitters  Clogs: Urban Outfitters (Similar)  Jeans: Thrifted  Necklace: Anthropologie

I wish I could say these clogs are still available, but then I would be lying. And not only are they absolutely wonderful….I got them for $20 at Urban! Can you believe that? Is that even legal? I was so beyond excited. I seriously wear these bad boys every where. They are my summer go to shoe. AH, I can’t even express how great these shoes are. Okay moving on… that necklace. I was not so sure about it at first. It is a little funky, but wow I am head over heels now. Clogs+this Anthro necklace=LAUREN’S GREATEST OUTFITS. And this necklace is a pretty affordable Anthro necklace…..so you may want to check it out.  Also the shirt from Urban runs big, I would size down.

It has been dang hot in Salt Lake. And I have no AC in my car. Why you may ask? Because it is broken and I am poor and don’t want to fix it. So driving is a struggle. Hours to stay far, far away from my car, range from about noon to six pm. Unfortunately that doesn’t work quite as well as I would like it to. I am thinking about starting a NO AC club. I am not sure what our purpose will be other than moral support. I do have one saving grace…..there is a boy. He is a cute boy and I may be dating him and he has a car with A M A Z I N G air conditioning. It is so refreshing. He probably thinks I am a FREE LOADER, but it is really just in desperation to stop my sweating and to keep my hair in one piece. But life is good. I love summer. I love the mountains. I love Park City. I love watermelon. I love summer nights. I love the noise of sprinklers. I love swimming suits and water. I love sun kissed skin. I love grass. I love it all. Hope summer is treating you well.

///My Pins Lately

Lauren DeVries,Pinterest,bows and twine,bows and twine blog,Fashion,Style,Utah Fashion Bloggers

Lauren DeVries,Pinterest,bows and twine,bows and twine blog,Fashion,Style,Utah Fashion Bloggers

Lauren DeVries,Pinterest,bows and twine,bows and twine blog,Fashion,Style,Utah Fashion Bloggers

Lauren DeVries,Pinterest,bows and twine,bows and twine blog,Fashion,Style,Utah Fashion BloggersLauren DeVries,Pinterest,bows and twine,bows and twine blog,Fashion,Style,Utah Fashion BloggersLauren DeVries,Pinterest,bows and twine,bows and twine blog,Fashion,Style,Utah Fashion BloggersLauren DeVries,Pinterest,bows and twine,bows and twine blog,Fashion,Style,Utah Fashion BloggersLauren DeVries,Pinterest,bows and twine,bows and twine blog,Fashion,Style,Utah Fashion Bloggers
These are my pins as of late. Here I am at work, wishing I could be outside. Life is not as exciting in fake lite spaces with enclosed walls. I hate the feeling of walking into work surrounded by morning sun and then exiting with glimpses of sunlight, but mostly darkness from dusk. Yes this is my life on Tuesdays. Maybe I need to reexamine. A job outside perhaps. Forest Ranger maybe? That would be a great job. What a laugh life would have if Lauren DeVries became a Forest Ranger. I certainly would not be able to keep up with my Anthropologie spending habits. My instagram feed would be pretty epic though. I can’t think of many other careers that expect work from the outdoors. Maybe an avalanche guy/gal, but that would only employ me in the winter. I really just hate how quickly summer slips by. I wish I could be a hermit or a beach bum one summer to truly soak in each sun lighted day. I guess that is why we have a childhood. Maybe I am just in desperate need of a vacation. I think this is it. Hawaii shall I? I think I shall. If I fly for free, why not Hawaii? Thank you daddy for sacrificing your life as a forest ranger and choosing a career at Delta Air Lines. Yes this is true. This was his original destiny. And Yes I was copying his idea, it seemed like a good one except for maybe the 20,000 a year part.

Well my break is just about up and it would probably be good use of my time to use the bathroom. So Farewell.

///Lazy Days in Summer


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Shirt: Anthropologie  Necklace: Anthropologie  Pants: F21(similar)  Shoes: thrifted

Love me some briks in the summer time. I was so excited when I thrifted these back in December. They have served me well. Also check out Anthro’s great sale right now!!

There is nothing I love more than being in the mountains especially in the summer time! These pictures are near HUGE rock fields up Little Cottonwood Canyon. If you have ever been skiing or boarding up Alta or Snowbird you can’t miss the rock fields on the right side of the road. We (me and my hiking partner) love hiking for hours and hours on these huge rocks. Little Cottonwood Canyon was formed by a glacier. This is why when you ride down the canyon, the canyon opening resembles a V. Well those rock fields are a result of the glacier coming through. Moraine is the proper use of terms. The glacier formed a moraine which is debris or rock pushed by glaciers. Yes probably more than you wanted to know and yes I may be a geology nerd and may or may not have wanted to major in environmental studies.  I soon found out there is no money to be made in being a rock woman.

Anyways moving on, WE found an awesome spot up on the rocks where there is a view down the canyon and a tree branch hangs horizontally above our heads. It is just begging to become a swing. So yes WE are in the process of making our swing up the canyon in the rock fields. I will take pictures when it is done, and hey if you are local to Utah, we will share our little piece of perfect with you. Also no I do not wear my briks while hiking up on the rock fields, you will want hiking shoes!!

///Thrift Shopping Advice

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I constantly hear people say  “I can never find things at D.I., Goodwill or Savers” or “the thrift stores near my house are always picked over”. So here is some of my thoughts in regards to those comments.

First……….thrift shopping is NOT EASY! You are NOT walking into a beautiful store with aesthetically pleasing smells and store displays. In fact sometimes the smells are so unpleasing it blocks my creative juices, but don’t let that intimidate. There are not racks and racks of beautiful clothes or decorations, but rather racks and racks of old, ugly clothes and ugly decorations with scattered gems. Yes, meaning you have to dig and rummage through crap! But it is so worth it especially when you find that amazing item!!

Second piece of business. Thrifting takes   T  I  M  E  . I usually spend on average  an hour if not longer in thrift stores. It is a process of searching, rummaging, and envisioning, which are all equally time consuming. Once you are successfully in your rummaging it is a new process of deciding how to wear or use what you have found. Is it really that great? Will it work? Does it fit? Does it need alterations? Does it have potential?

Potential…..that decision is refined. It takes practice. Over the years I have improved significantly. I used to buy lots and lots of crap that was simply just crap. But now I am able to pick out the winners and leave the losers. Something that has helped is INSPIRATION. Find sites that inspire you for fashion or home decoration and envision those things when thrifting. I love using pinterest, Urban Outfitters, and Anthropologie. This really works too!! I have several thrifted clothing items I wear and when I do I get asked…….is that from Urban or is that from Anthro? Find INSPIRATION and know what you W A N T.

My best advice is to go out and get started. Practice makes perfect. You will be pleased, your wallet will be pleased and you get MORE for your buck. And for me thrifting is not just about saving money it is a hobby and passion of mine. I love it. It makes me happy. And yes this is a picture from my most recent thrift shopping experience.